Images Reconstruction Algorithm Based on DCT and Compressive Sensing


  • Xinyue Wang
  • Dequan Zhou School of Jiyang, Zhejiang A & F University, zhuji


Compressive Sensing, Images Reconstruction, Orthogonal Matching Pursuitï¼› DCT transform


In order to improve the quality of reconstructed images, a method combining DCT algorithm and compressive sensing theory is presented. Firstly, the DCT transform is applied to change an image to sparse domain, and then the high-frequency coefficients of the sparse domain is measured by using a Gaussian random, finally, the algorithm of OMP is used to reconstruct the image.Compared with the direct compressive sensing algorithm, simulation results demonstrated that the presented algorithm improved the quality of the reconstructed image significantly. For the same number of sampled data sets, the PSNR of the presented algorithm was improved about 5 dB.


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