Testing of Bloodshed Image Interpolation Application for Analysis of Anti-Aliasing Effect


  • Prachi Rohit Rajarapollu Amravati University
  • Vijay R. Mankar


anti-aliasing, image processing, medical image, artifact removal


From decade, cancerous tumor segmentation has become a developing research area in the field ofthe medical imaging system. Tumor analysis can find the exact area and position of the tumor, but blood veins andplasma fluid commonly overlaps the timorous area and image analysis became difficult. In this paper, an efficientalgorithm is proposed for pre-surgical tumor analysis based on pixel segmentation and anti-aliasing. Initially, thescanned image is pre-processed, filtered and enhanced using a newly developed algorithm to detect the particulartumor with clear visibility of the scanned image. In this paper, we present bloodshed aliasing technique which may beuseful in pre-surgery and post-surgery sessions. The proposed algorithm can be utilized as a generic application forforensic investigation.

Author Biography

Prachi Rohit Rajarapollu, Amravati University

Electronics & Telecommunication Emgineering


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