Comparison Analysis of Object-Based Databases, Object-Oriented Databases, and Object Relational Databases


  • S. O. Ogunlere Babcock University, Computer Science Department Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State
  • S. A. Idowu


Object-Based Databases, Object-Oriented Databases, Object Relational Databases, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Dynamic binding


The concepts of Object-Based Databases (OBD), Object-Oriented databases (OODB) and Object Relational Databases (ORDB) are of paramount importance in today’s technological development. A comparison analysis of the concepts and usage of these variants of databases is presented in this paper with respect to areas of applications and features for more clarification. In addition, this paper also presents different data Models for these variants and discusses their relative strength and weaknesses which may serve as good resources for programmers.


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