Analysis and Quality Assessment on the Service Customer Case: University Insurgents


  • Arturo González Torres
  • Claudia Pereyra Quiroz
  • Tonantzi García Olvera
  • Jacqueline Villar Laguna
  • Carlos Boker Hernández
  • Luis F. García Palacios
  • Cynthia Castillo Sánchez
  • Eduardo Poblano Ojinaga


SERVQUAL, Service Quality, Scale SERVQUAL, Customer Service.


Today's "quality" is applicable to various areas, quality education, quality in the industry, and therefore, cannot fail to mention the quality of service, the latter being the basis for any business and important indicator of success or failure in organizations. The objective was to evaluate the quality of service provided by the University Insurgentes Campus Tláhuac through the SERVQUAL methodology (quality of service) the results obtained show an overall percentage of 84.55% satisfaction with Quality Level Indicator of 16.85, although the overall service meets customer satisfaction (students), the specific analysis of each dimension (reliability, tangibility, empathy, safety and responsibility) will be the guideline for improvement actions in each work area that increase the level of service quality.



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