Multilingual Web-Based Entrepreneurship Library: An Approach in Enhancing Library System to Entrepreneurship Processes and Development, Job Creation and Entrepreneurship Education


  • Adebowale Tayewo Olayinka Polytechnic Librarian, Library Unit. Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos
  • Yekini Nureni Asafe Department of Computer Technology, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos


entrepreneurship, Job creation, entrepreneurship processes and development, entrepreneurship library, entrepreneurship education, web-based library, multilingual


In this paper, we describe the submission guidelines for preparing papers for the Asian Journal of Business and Management (AJBM). Use this document as a template with Microsoft Word 6.0 or later. Define all symbols used in the abstract. Do not cite references in the abstract. The abstract body is typed in Times New Roman, 10 pt. italic and in bold face. Entrepreneurship is now becoming an important means and a valuable additional strategy to create jobs and improve livelihoods and economic independence around the world. Problems of unemployment as experienced in the past and present world of ours have contributed to all source of vices in our society such as political hooliganism, armed robbery, cultism, child trafficking, vandalism, kidnaping, ritual killing etc. The author of this research work presumed that the major constraint to entrepreneurship development, processes, entrepreneurship education is due to lack or shortage of relevant entrepreneurship information.  To address this major constraint that lead to slow entrepreneurship processes and development around the world especially in less development countries. The authors proposed the design and implementation of multilingual web-based entrepreneurship library. This system if designed and implemented it will make entrepreneurships information readily available for usage at low or no cost, hence improve the significance of librarians to entrepreneurships processes, development, promoting entrepreneurship education and Job creation around the globe.




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