Factors Influencing Online Shoppers to Shop at Marketplace or Website: A Qualitative Approach


  • Syafeqah Nurul Marzuki Putra Business School, Malaysia
  • Ida Md Yasin Putra Business School, Malaysia




Marketplace, e-marketplace, e-commerce, online website, online shopping, business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C)


The Internet allows people to purchase without visiting an actual store. Many retail businesses use electronic commerce (e-commerce) operations to make it easy to sell goods or services to consumers over the Internet. Research is carried out on the process of e-commerce adoption, in particular on business to consumer (B2C). In addition, the advent of digital information platforms that enable the consumer to consumer (C2C) changes the way service ecosystems generate value for digital transformation and produce value for it. This paper, therefore, explores online shopping aspects and understands the influence on online consumers shopping on the marketplace or website. Qualitative research shows the elements encouraging online buyers to shop on the marketplace or the website by analyzing data obtained through interviews with 15 participants. The findings of this study indicate the main factors influencing online shoppers to shop at marketplace or website are 1) online convenience, 2) affordability, 3) information quality, 4) evaluation for options, 5) promotions, 6) electronic word of mouth (e-WOM), 7) trusted and secure, and 8) value added service. Businesses can take advantage of the results to understand emerging markets deeper. This trend provides business managers with the basis to design consumer attraction approaches and increase the performance of online shopping services. The findings of this study can allow marketers to understand consumers' intents and develop long-term partnerships between businesses and consumers. The potential for internet purchasing, especially in emerging markets, is growing increasingly tempting. This analysis is consistent with online shopping trends.


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