Corporate Governance Practices in India: Evidence from INFOSYS Ltd.


  • Pradip Kumar Das J. K. College, Purulia, India



Corporate governance, board, corporate, stakeholders


Corporate governance has been growing concern in view of acclaimed turpitude gripping molest of corporate power by governor. Superb governance ferments for the welfare of all involved by cinching that the undertaking upholds universal  ideals, proven approach and ordnance. Infosys in ITC sector harmonizes with  corporate governance in the Indian corporate domain. This paper basically concentrates on how corporate governance of Infosys, the selected company precipitates its sustainable headway. The study is descriptive in nature and mobilizes secondary data for the purpose. The results proffer that corporate governance is a device of self-appraisal for the company which eventually emanates its sustainable survivability.

Keywords: Corporate governance, board, corporate, stakeholders


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