Asian Philanthropy in 2020: An Analysis of the Li Ka Shing Foundation as a Positive Force for Good


  • Matthias Cheong University of Western Australia



philanthropy; strategic analysis; financial analysis; poverty reduction; COVID-19


2020 has seen human society encounter some tremendous difficulties. COVID-19 has devastated lives and societies. In such a climate, it is even more important for humanity to focus on philanthropic efforts to uplift the most vulnerable in society. While much has been written about philanthropic organisations in the West, there is little written on Asia given its nascent status in giving and philanthropy. However, one strong example that can serve as a positive force in the region is the Li Ka Shing foundation, which focuses on education, healthcare, and the reduction of poverty. This paper highlights the Li Ka Shing foundation’s growth in Asia, analyses its strategies, and offers it as an example for others to emulate in the hopes that more will step forward in what is a difficult time for humankind.

Author Biography

Matthias Cheong, University of Western Australia

School of Business

University of Western Australia


Associate Director

IHS Markit


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