Socio-economic Impacts of Tourism Development: An Empirical Study on Cox’s Bazar


  • Md. Borak Ali Department of Marketing University of Rajshahi


Tourism, Cox’s Bazar, Socio-economic impacts, Employment, and Standard of living


This study determines socio-economic impacts of tourism in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is chosen for the study area. Two hundred respondents were randomly selected as sample from the spot. A self-administered structural questionnaire was used to collect data. There were 36 items in the questionnaire to collect data on socio-cultural impacts of tourism. Questionnaire also contained demographic variables. Data were collected over five days on the spot. Face-to-face interview method was applied to collect data. Exploratory factor analysis was conducted to arrive the results. Findings show that tourism development has wide socio-economic impact of a region. It contributes to infrastructural development, cultural impact, standard of living, occurrence of crime and cultural exchange. These results signify the need for tourism industry in a country.



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