Political Instability and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Afribank PLC (Mainstreet Bank) Maiduguri Branch




Business environment, political instability, investment, organizational performance


Political instability and investment Performance is becoming more complex to organization. The performance of an organization can be enhanced if the environment of the business is well known in terms of stability to the operation of the organization.  This paper therefore is set to examine the performance of organizations under unstable political environment. There are certain factors however that affects the performance of the business. This may include the change in government (political risks) associated with the performance of organization. Due to political instability, how have organizations performed in the short, medium and long term investments? Data was collected on the political instability and the performance of organizations in the country from 1979 to 1993. The chi-square and correlation statistical tools were used to determine and to ascertain the relationship and the level of performance of organizations. The study concludes that, the performance of organization depends on stability of government. However, the study recommends that, a country with high instability of government makes it difficult for organizations to perform. Thus, organizations require relatively stable operating environment for better performance.


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