Overview of Microfinance's Performances in CEE-SEE COUNTRIES


  • Erjona Suljoti Economic Faculty, Tirana,
  • Elona Dushku Economic Faculty, Tirana,


microfinance, non-bank financial institutions, global financial crises, CEE-SEE


Micro financing is an important chain of the financial system and represents a good opportunity for the development of the small businesses, especially in developing countries. It also provides savings and credit services to low-income people, helping them to increase their living standard and to alleviate poverty in the economy. This paper aims to analyze the micro-finance in CEESEE countries and brings evidence how this market has developed in the last decade, having a special focus to the influence of the systemic risks. The estimated results from single panel OLS regressions shows that the performance of microfinance institutions in the region is statically influenced by domestic condition, while we didn’t find a clear evidence for the influence of the international capital market in microfinance institutions performance.




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