Design Education and the Nigerian Economy


  • Sunday Roberts Ogunduyile Department of Industrial Design, The Federal of Technology, Akure, Ondo State
  • Olugbenga B. Emidun Department of Industrial Design, The Federal of Technology, Akure, Ondo State


Industrial design Education, cultural heritage, design policy, Nigerian economy.


A look at the history of Nigeria reflects that in all spheres of life, nature has provided for the country to be a high performing economic success. Nigeria, the largest in Africa, is rich in human, cultural and natural resources. Nigeria could be described as the Greece of Africa. The influence of Nigerian arts, crafts and design have been felt strongly in other parts of the world. It is lamentable that while most emerging economies are harnessing design education for development and improving quality of lives of their citizenry, the Nigerian political climate has not enabled the formulation of strategic policies that can boost industrial climate of the economy. This has not provided the support and appropriate infrastructure for indigenous design education and development capabilities.  The paper takes a look at the current political policies of Nigeria, its economic reality in the absence of formidable design groups and design policy that can enhance indigenous technical knowhow. The paper also examines the value oriented benefits inherent in design education as experienced in developed economies and how it can be channeled to make its contributions to grow the Nigerian economy.



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