Relationship Marketing for Building Long term Customer Satisfaction in Banking Industry


  • Manish Badlani Government Engineering College Ajmer
  • R. K. Motwani Associate Professor Department of Management Studies Government Engineering College, Ajmer
  • Pushpa Paryani


Relationship Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Consumers’ Perception, Banking Industry


Relationship marketing has been an excellent way for banks to establish a unique long-term relationship with their customers. It offers a solution for service companies to avail benefit of a lasting relationship with the customer or client, while improving operations and customer satisfaction. This study aims to investigate the impact of adherence to the fundamentals of relationship marketing. 210 respondents consisting of bank customers of the ten public and private sector Banks from major cities of Rajasthan state in India were included in the study from a balanced mix of various demographic factors. Having used Factor Analysis revealed the significant number of factors related to relationship banking affects client’s satisfaction in the banking industry.

Author Biography

Manish Badlani, Government Engineering College Ajmer







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