Quality of work life of Employees in Small Scale Industries


  • Desti Kannaiah James Cook University, Singapore
  • G. Sasikumar


Employees, Small Scale Industries, Quality of Work life (QWL), Working Environment


The focus of this paper concerns a study of quality of work life for the employees of small scale industries. The aim of study is to determine the existence of QWL (Quality of Work Life) in small scale industries as per the view of employees. As the QWL is very essential for industries to continue to attract and retain employees. The presence of QWL in the industrial unit is beneficial to both employees and industries. The sample consists of 200 employees of various Small Scale Industrial units in Tiruvannamalai town in Tamil Nadu, India. The list of industrial units was acquired from District Industrial Centre of these cities and units were chosen at random. The questionnaire was designed based on the attributes and variables of QWL reviews and questionnaire from previous studies. The salient feature of this study is that to know their working conditions and to evaluate the quality of work life in Small Scale industries.


Author Biography

Desti Kannaiah, James Cook University, Singapore

Dr Desti Kannaiah

Faculty, School of Business

James Cook University

Singapore 574421.


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