Effects of Commercial Advertising on the Buying Behavior of Smart Phones in Private Higher Education Sector in Jordan


  • Mahmoud Aqel Abudalbouh Irbid National University
  • Thair Abed-Alrahman Habboush


Advertising design, advertising material, means of communication, time, perceptions, smartphones, buying behavior.


The study consists of several parts; including the Effects of Commercial Advertising (Design, Advice content, the means, time, and perceptions), on ( the buying behavior of smart phones ), the results, analysis and recommendations. The aim of this study is to know the effect of the independent variables on the buying behavior of students (customers) at private higher education sector in Jordan, specifically at universities in the north province including (Irbid National University, Jadara Private University, Ajlun National University and Jar ash National University). The sample of the study was taken from Jadara Private University and Ajlun National University; however, the study showed that there is some weakness in the awareness of the customers (students) and their interest in the promotion of the product provided by telecommunication companies in Jordan; it was also found that  response of students towards temptations such design and the advertisement content is relatively weak. The study communication in addition to choosing the appropriate medium, and it also recommended determining the appropriate time to broadcast the advertising message in order to connect with the audience of customers.



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