Estimation of Global Solar Radiation over Makurdi, Nigeria


  • M. O. Audu Department of Physics University of Agriculture Makurdi
  • U. E. Utah
  • J. U. Ugwanyi


solar radiation, relative sunshine hour, temperature, Makurdi


Solar radiation studies have been carried out using meteorological parameters to assess the feasibility of solar energy utilization in Makurdi (7.74oN, 8.51oE and 104m above sea level). Measured solar radiation, relative sunshine hours, air temperature and relative humidity data for Makurdi covering a period of 10 years (2000 - 2010) were used to establish Angstrom type correlation equations to estimate global solar radiation. Among the models formulated, the model equation with R2 of 84.3%, MBE of 1.079 x 10-1and RMSE of 2.466 x 10-2, which can best be used to estimate the global solar radiation, was obtained.

From this formulated equation, the highest global solar radiation of 15.702 MJm-2day-1 was estimated in the dry season against the measured value of 15.690 MJm-2day-1 for the same period, while the lowest radiation of 11.805 MJm-2day-1 was obtained for rainy season as against 11.354 MJm-2day-1 of measured value. The observed performance of this formulated model implies that it can be used to predict global solar radiation for Makurdi and its environs.




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