Laboratory Investigation of The Effects of Parameters Controlling Polymer Enhanced Foam (PEF) Stability


  • Amin Azdarpour 1:Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA 40450, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. 2: Department of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310, Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • Omeid Rahmani Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Roozbeh Rafati Universiti Teknologi MARA
  • Hossein Hamidi
  • Radzuan Junin Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Muhammad Manan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


PHPA, Surfactant, Foam, PEF, NaCl


In the quest to achieve high stability foams, polymers can be used as the viscosifying agents of the aqueous surfactant solution of the external phase of foam, increasing foam apparent viscosity and thus improving foam stability. The AOS, SDS, and SDBS surfactants were used as the foaming agent and relatively low to high (200-5000 ppm) partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (PHPA) polymer concentrations were added to solutions. All solutions were prepared in both fresh water and 4 wt. % NaCl and the effect of oil on PEF stability was investigated using paraffin and vaseline oil with different viscosities. Experimental results showed that, polymer addition to foam can be effective in improving foam stability as compared to conventional foam stability and even the addition of a small amount of polymer could enhance foam stability. Increasing polymer concentration from very low to high concentration increased foam stability, therefore the most stable foam was produced with the maximum polymer concentration in solutions. The preparation of solution with 4 wt. % NaCl had destabilization effect and reduced foam stability slightly as compared to solution with fresh water. Foam stability was substantially reduced when contacted oil in the solutions and the destabilization effect was more severe with paraffin oil rather than vaseline oil. Of all the three used surfactant, SDS was the most compatible with PHPA and produced the most stable foam, followed by AOS and finally SDBS surfactant




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Azdarpour, A., Rahmani, O., Rafati, R., Hamidi, H., Junin, R., & Manan, M. (2013). Laboratory Investigation of The Effects of Parameters Controlling Polymer Enhanced Foam (PEF) Stability. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 1(1). Retrieved from




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