Compact Circularly Polarized Slotted Symmetric V slits Microstrip Patch Antenna for ISM Band Applications


  • Naw Khu Say Wah Department of Electronic Engineering, Yangon Technological University, Gyogone, Insein, Yangon
  • Hla Myo Tun Department of Electronic Engineering, King Lauk Phya Institute of Technology Myaungmya, Myaungmya, Myanmar



Circular polarization, Microstrip patch antenna, rectangular slot, V-slits, ISM bands


This paper presents a short microstrip patch antenna and analyzes its characteristics in simulation and measured ways. The proposed antenna is meant to be used from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz at the resonant frequency of 2.45 GHz Industrial, Science, and Medical (ISM) spectrum. Besides, insert a diagonal slot in the main patch, and two cutting edges with V-slit gives the antenna to propagate a circular polarization pattern. The paper aims to start learning a simple C.P. patch antenna supported the basic concept of microstrip antenna theory. A single-feed C.P., truncated corners, and slit and slot methods are employed to model the antenna apart from its parametric study. The substrate material of the developed antenna is FR-4, and it's a relative permittivity of 4.4. The antenna incorporates a compact overall size of 0.389λ0 × 0.389λ0 × 0.013λ0, where λ0 is that the corresponding free-space wavelength at 2.45 GHz. FEKO has been used for not only designing the antenna model but also analyzing its performances. Simulated and measured results have reported that the antenna can work in ISM bands (2.42-2.5 GHz) with VSWR< 2, low realized gain, and the limited 3-dB axial ratio at 2.45 GHz.


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