Study for Initial Load Effects on the Calibration of Load Cells


  • Seifelnasr M. Osman National Institute for Standards (NIS),
  • R. Hegazy
  • M. A. Elhakeem
  • M. I. Mohamad



Load cell, initial load, strain gauges, calibration, loading frame


This work was carried out by the National Institute of Standards NIS), Egypt, as a result of experimental cases in load cell applications. The aim of this study is to compare the behavior of load cell works under initial load with the ideal working case. The study was carried out using seven load cells from different manufacturers and with different types, capacities, working modes and classes. As a result of the behavior of the load cells during this study; it is clear that the response of the load cells previously loaded against applied load differ from the ideal case. Load cell operators have to carry out mathematical calculations to correct the reading rather than using electrical methods to readjust the zero signal and neglecting the initial applied load.

Author Biography

Seifelnasr M. Osman, National Institute for Standards (NIS),

Force and Material Metrology Departement


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Osman, S. M., Hegazy, R., Elhakeem, M. A., & Mohamad, M. I. (2020). Study for Initial Load Effects on the Calibration of Load Cells. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 8(2).