Effleurage Against Uterine Contractions in Active Phase First Stage Labor


  • Shentya Fitriana Midwifery department of Health Polytecnic of Ministry of Health Jakarta III
  • Novita Rina Antarsih




Effleurage, Contractions, Active Phase


The progress of labour at active phase I is the most tiring, continuous, and most mothers begin to feel the pain. During this time many of the efforts to streamline the uterine contractions among other things with the touch of a massage. Massage on the abdomen (effleurage) is a form of stimulation of the skin which is used during the process of childbirth can induce a relaxing effect. The purpose of the study is to know the influence of massage effect against uterine contractions in parturients active phase I.

Quasi-experimental research draft with the design of the pretest-posttest with a control group. The sample was used for each group of 37 respondents with a purposive sampling technique. The results of the research there is a difference in the duration of uterine contraction before and after the intervention done by p <0.05, and the duration of the contractions of the uterus in the intervention group longer 10.270 seconds in the control group of 2,297 seconds. Effleurage massage has a significant influence on the duration of uterine contraction on at parturient active phase I.


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