Nonlinear Performance Evaluation of High Rise Building Structure

Rifqi Fauzan, Erizal Basa, Asep Sapei


Performance evaluation can provide information on how far an earthquake will affect building structure. This is important for evaluating the seismic behavior of post-yield building structures. The purposes of this study were to evaluate the story shear force that occurred, evaluate the distribution of plastic hinge, and evaluate the high rise building structure performance level during an earthquake. This research was conducted using static nonlinear analysis and calculated using capacity spectrum method. The plastic hinges that formed in the global-x and global-y direction were 1 and 52. Several elements are in collapse prevention level. This shows the element behavior and performance on performance point were not good. The performance level of building structure based on the calculation was damage control. The results show that the building structure was not efficient enough, because for a return period of 2500 years based on SNI 1726-2012, building performance was expected at damage control level.


Performance, Nonlinear, Earthquake, Structure

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