Selection Internal Control over Financial Reporting Framework in the Republic of Indonesia using Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach




Internal Control over Financial Reporting, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Expert Choice


System of the internal control over financial reporting (ICOFR) on state finance management in the Republic of Indonesia had been designed using soft system methodology. ICOFR framework in the Republic of Indonesia was needed. Based on questionnaire, we found risk focus, applicability, harmony with PP No. 60/2018, can be applied in entity and transactional level, and can be applied IT environment as criteria. We found understandability, clarity of control components, and effectiveness assessment as sub criterion of criterion applicability and we found general control and application control as sub criterion of criterion ‘can be applied in IT environment’. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) methodology are  used to choose best alternative. Calculations of the results by Expert Choice software indicated COSO ranked 1st, COBIT ranked 2rd, and CoCo ranked 3th.



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Suharto, D., Maarif, M. S., & Kirbrandoko, D. P. (2018). Selection Internal Control over Financial Reporting Framework in the Republic of Indonesia using Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 6(5).

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