The Effect of Annealing Time on TiO<sub>2</sub>–Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell: Natural Pigment


  • Hafeez Yusuf Hafeez SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  • Bala Ismail Adam Federal University Dutse



TiO2, DSSC, Annealing Time, Roselle


In this analytical approach we fabricate and characterized a Titanium Dioxide Dye sensitized solar cell using Doctor-Blade Technique. The samples were given annealing treatment at various time of 20, 30 and 40 minutes respectivelyat constant annealing temperature of 450oC. The device under test (DUT) were tested using a Kiethley 2400, source meter under A.M 1.5 (1000W/m2) illumination from a Newport class A solar simulator.The results shows that at the miscellaneous annealing time, the open circuit voltagesVoc= 0.28V, 0.30V and 0.29V, the short circuit current density Jsc=95.5µAcm-2 , 104.1µAcm-2and 105µAcm-2, the fill factor FF= 0.411, 0.448 and 0.525 and the energy conversion efficiency, η = 0.011, 0.014 and 0.016 respectively.With best results of open circuit voltage Voc=0.30, short circuit current density Jsc= 105mAcm-2, fill factor FF= 0.525 and energy conversion efficiency η= 0.016 was achieved.It was observed that the power density, Fill Factor and efficiency increases with increasewith increase in annealing time.


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Hafeez, H. Y., & Adam, B. I. (2018). The Effect of Annealing Time on TiO<sub>2</sub>–Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell: Natural Pigment. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 6(6).

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