The Effect of Sediment Particle Size to Sedimentation in Culvert Box (Culvert MEL)



Culvert. sedimentation


The Drainage is complement structure which also controls the rainwater flow system to run safely through the streets, the stiff area turns, culverts, channel junction, waterfall structure, bridges, water ropes, pumps, and sluices. Culvert Box (Zo), affect sedimentation level. The result was expected to be useful for drainage system planning to take action in anticipating sedimentation. Therefore, the drainage channel can be used in long time. The research was conducted in Hydraulic Laboratory of Technique Faculty Hasanuddin University. The method was an Experimental method using Culvert MEL Model. The lower sedimentation The results shows that, in general, in total sedimentation that occurs in Culvert channel based on flow discharge for all channel with different flume base decrease level (Zo), the higher the discharge, the lower sedimentation occurred. The graphics also show that sediment particle size also affects sedimentation, where the bigger size of the particle was higher than sedimentation that occurred.


Author Biographies

Fenti Daud, Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar

Civil Engineering

Ms. Nenny, Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar

Civil engineering


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