Authorship Arabic Text Detection According to Style of Writing by Using (SABA) Method


  • Tareef Kamil Mustafa
  • Ammar Adil Abdul Razzaq
  • Ehsan Ali Al-Zubaidi University of Kufa Faculty of Physical Planning Computer and Internet Department



Authorship Attribution, Style of writing, text mining.


Authorship attribution of a style of writing is a method depend on analyzing texts in text mining, e.g., historical books and novels that famous authors wrote, attempted to measure the author's style, by choosing some attributes that show the author manner of writing. Assuming that these writers have a different way of writing that no other writer have; thus, authorship attribution is the essential of identifying the author of a given text [1].


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Mustafa, T. K., Abdul Razzaq, A. A., & Al-Zubaidi, E. A. (2017). Authorship Arabic Text Detection According to Style of Writing by Using (SABA) Method. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 5(2).