A Study on Problems Related to Work Life Balance among Women Employees in Information Technology Sector, Chennai


  • Deivasigamani Jothimani VIT UNIVERSITY,CHENNAI,INDIA
  • Dr. Shankar




As globalization has turn out to be the norm of the day, issues like these seem to have taken a back seat for quite a while. Work life “imbalance†has over the time attracted apprehension because of the over increasing troubles related to worker health declining levels of efficiency and productivity at the employee level, and boredom at work place. The difference also has a off putting impact in the personal life of working people some of which has developed to be social hazards like infertility due to high stress levels, growing number of divorces, beginning of nuclear families. Professional of the present day appears to be more involved in work that gives them bigger elasticity at work. Working community has diverse needs at different stages of their life. As a result, people strive for balance in their working hours and their personal commitments. Work life balance has now become a sensitive issue because it offers obvious benefits to organizations and its employees. Organizations can now focus on grooming their employees who these days are not merely regarded as work but considered as the human capital of the organization. This can go to a large extent help in retaining employee which may also be seen as an important driving force.


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