Women Career Progression to Corporate Board Rooms – The Indian Scenario


  • R. Bharathi Vellore Institute Of Technology
  • S. K. Sudarsanam


Women Professionals, Career progression, Boardrooms, Gender Inclusivity, workforce Participation


An increasing emphasis on women participation in the workforce and the emergence of women leadership to the highest level of the management is the point of debate and discussion in India. In terms of participation in the workforce, India is still behind 24% as compared to 47% in USA and close to 40% in the other advanced countries in the west. However, when it comes to progression to corporate boardrooms there is a lag elsewhere in the world because the women employees in these countries take a break in their carrier after they reach the middle level management. This is generally attributed to late marriages, pregnancy and the commitment to bring up the child until a minimum period of 3 years. So it becomes difficult for the women to continue their carrier and achieve high levels of leadership with the exception of the notable few. On the other hand in India, the early marriages and awareness of begetting children early gives the women employee no much time to direct themselves in career map. Added to this a gender friendly policy in government, public sector and private sector organizations enable them to fulfill their commitments to their family and pursue their carrier after they reach either late 20’s or early 30’s.This research article focuses on an analysis of women professional’s progression into corporate boardrooms in the top listed companies in Nifty and BSE.

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R. Bharathi, Vellore Institute Of Technology

Business school


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