The Application of Automatic Irrigation Pump System with Solar Power in Rainfed Field


  • Delvi Yanti Andalas University


automatic irrigation, solar energy, setpoint, pF (Potential Free energy)


This study aims to generate irrigation pump system equipped with solar power control on - off automatically for rainfed. The control system device is Arduino ATmega328P microcontroller that serves as an automatic control for on-off pump with solar power. The setpoint within the microcontroller system is determined by the soil conditions in general that exist in the field, those are the on pump when the pF is 4, 1 and off when the pF is 2.1 pF. The components of the solar irrigation system consists of a solar panel, charger controller, batteries, inverter - those can operate for 24 hours. The experimental results indicate that the automatic control system using a microcontroller was able to function properly in controlling pump working with solar power, with reference pF in the land specified by setpoint. The average pump’s working time (on-off) for an area of 1970 m 2 is 60-75 minutes with average debit 17.45 m 3 / min.


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