Multiple Regression Model for the Prediction of Flexural Behaviour of FRP Plated Pre-stressed Concrete Beams



Beams, FRP, plate, prestressed concrete, regression, prediction


This paper deals on the development of multiple regression model for the prediction of flexural behaviour of fibre reinforced polymer plated prestressed concrete beams. In this study, fourteen post-tensioned prestressed concrete beam specimens were constructed and tested in a gradually applied load till the failure prestressed concrete beam. The data such as load and their corresponding deflection at yield and ultimate stages, deflection and energy ductility, maximum crack with were collected from the tested post-tensioned concrete beams were used for regression analysis. The predicted results showed a considerable agreement with the experimental values. Hence, it is suggested that the developed models were best suited for the flexural performance of FRP plated prestresssed concrete beams.

Author Biographies

D. S. Vijayan, Bharath University

Civil Engineering

J. Revathy, B. S. Abdur Rahman University

Civil Engineering


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