Durability and Dynamic Properties of Lightweight Composite Panel Surface Material containing Powdery and Liquid Modified Sulfur


  • Heontae Kim
  • Yong Lee
  • Sangsoo Lee


Powdery Modified Sulfur, Liquid Modified Sulfur, LightWeight Panel


As fuel consumption of petroleum, natural gas and etc is rapidly increasing all over the world, there is a growing trend that production of sulfur, the industrial byproducts, increases every year and thus, durability performance of concrete becomes very important in coastal structures, industrial facilities exposed to salt and acid, and public structures with national meaning. So, this study intends to measure sulfate resistance and dynamic properties of lightweight composite panel surface material using liquid modified sulfur and powdery modified sulfur with low melting point which have excellent properties in fast hardening and corrosion resistance and then, to suggest it as basic data to practical application of modified sulfur. Surface material of lightweight composite panel is binder of inorganic material mainly made with magnesia cement without using cement. As a test result, it was shown that compressive strength and mass reduction rate pursuant to sulfur acid dip were smaller when liquid modified sulfur was added rather than powdery modified sulfur. Flowability was higher when liquid modified sulfur was used instead of powdery modified sulfur, and the flexural strength and the compressive strength showed higher strength when powdery modified sulfur was used.

Author Biographies

Heontae Kim

Yong Lee

Sangsoo Lee


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