Structure-phase Transformations in Dispersive-hardening 47CrNiMo Alloy at High Temperature Deterioration


  • Mukazhanov Y.
  • Maltekbassov M.
  • Akzholov Y.
  • Telebaev Y.


high-temperature heating, hardening, morphology, alloy, decay


Revealed peculiarities of changing of the structure of CrNiMo alloy depending on temperature and aging time.It is disclosed that discontinuous decay forming lamellas ofa-phase occurs during the deterioration of 47CrNiMo alloy in 800-900°C temperature interval. At the same time there is a change of dispersion patterns, increasing betweenlamellae distance increases the thickness of the slats. At the front there are initial stages of the reaction slat coagulation discontinuous precipitation, which leads to a drop in the strength properties of the alloy.It is ascertained that change of decay mechanism in γ–phase from discontinuous to continuous occurs after rising the deterioration temperature to 1000°C.Phase particles can be observed already after 5 minutes of aging. Further aging at this temperature increase the volume fraction of precipitates. Similar processes occur in the alloy at 1100°C. Raising the temperature as well as increasing aging time leads to coagulation of the particles isolated α-phase. Changing the decay mechanism with a continuous intermittent causes slumping that the strength properties and increased ductility.



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