Structural and Optical Properties of ZnO:Al and ZnO:Cu Nanoparticle Thin Films


  • Hamid S. Al-Jumaili Physics Department, College of Education for Pure Science, Anbar University
  • Jobair A. Najim
  • Dawood S. AbdAlqader


ZnO, Al, Cu, Structural, Optical, Thin films 1-Introduction


Pure and Al- and Cu-doped ZnO nanoparticlethin films were deposited on a glass substrate using the chemical spray pyrolysis technique at 400 °C. X-ray diffraction analysis confirmed the formation of the stable hexagonal wurtzite structure of the ZnO films with crystallite sizes in the range of 21.72–26.73 nm. The morphology of the films was studied by atomic force microscopy, which revealed that the films were homogeneous in structure with a surface roughness of 1.02–4.47 nm and grain sizes in the range of 101.33–90.35 nm; these features depended on the type and concentration of the dopant. The optical characteristics of the films were studied by UV–Vis spectrophotometry at 300–1100 nm, which revealed that the doped and undoped films present high transmittance (90%) in the visible wavelength range. The direct optical energy gap of the films ranged from 3.3 eV to 3.2 eV and also depended on the type and concentration of the dopant.


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