Characteristics and Significance of Residential Density and Energy Consumption in Surabaya, Indonesia


  • Rulli Pratiwi Setiawan Department of Urban and Regional Planning ITS Campus, Surabaya


energy consumption, household behavior, population density, residential density


Residential activities have significant impact on energy use. Those activities vary among residential densities. Surabaya classified its city density into three category, those are low, medium and high. This paper aims to explore the characteristics and significance of residential density and energy consumption in Surabaya City, Indonesia. The selected study areas were chosen from the classification of population density based on Surabaya Spatial Plan. The first step of this research is to calculate the energy consumption in each residential density. The next step is to analyze the significant correlation of residential density attributes and energy consumption. The result showed significance difference in five residential characteristics, in terms of number of vehicle ownership, housing ventilation, electricity use, cooking fuel use and use of electronic devices.


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