An Experimental Study on Reinforced Concrete Beams with FRP Laminates


  • V. A. Shanmugavelu Annamalai University
  • P. N. Raghunath
  • N. Ramachandran
  • K. Suguna


Ductility, GFRP, laminates, Strength


This paper presents the results of an experimental study conducted to examine the effectiveness of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) laminates in enhancing the flexural capacity of concrete beams. In this study, a total of seven beams of size 150 mm x 250 mm in cross section with a total length of 3000 mm were cast and tested. Six beams were strengthened with chopped strand mat glass fibre reinforced polymer (CSMGFRP), woven roving glass fibre reinforced polymer (WRGFRP) and uni-directional cloth glass fibre reinforced polymer (UDCGFRP) of 3mm and 5mm thickness. The study parameters included the GFRP laminate material and their thickness. All the beam specimens were subjected to four-point bending test in a loading frame. The results show that the GFRP strengthened beams exhibit increased strength, deformation capacity, ductility and composite action until failure.



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