Some Biological Aspects of the Bleak, <i>Alburnus mossulensis</i> in the Southern Reaches of Euphrates River, Iraq


  • Abdul-Razak M. Mohamed Basrah University
  • Layla A. Aufy
  • Basim M. Jasim


Bleak, growth, condition, reproduction, Euphrates River


Occurrence, length-weight relationship, age, growth, sex ratios, size at first maturity, GSI and fecundity of Alburnus mossulensis caught from the south reaches of Euphrate river in Iraq were investigated. Fish were collected monthly from November 2013 and October 2014 using electeofishig. The species constituted 48.3% of the total catch. Fish lengths of 7.0 to 12.0 cm dominated the population. Total length–weight relationship was found to be W= 0.003 L3.087 for immature, W= 0.004 L3.027 for males and W = 0.002 L3.193 for females. The mean relative condition factor was 1.05 for immature, 0.99 for male and1.06 for female. Reading of scales indicated that the maximum age was four years. The von Bertalanffy growth equation was Lt = 20.4(1-e-0.35(t+0.277) ). Sex ratio was 1:1.7 male to female. The mean value of Lm50 was 8.0cm for both sexes. The peak of GSI was in January for both sexes. The spawning period began in February. Absolute fecundity for A. mossulensis varied from1119 to 5022 eggs.


Author Biography

Abdul-Razak M. Mohamed, Basrah University

Department of Fisheries

College of Agriculture


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