Effect of School Occupational Safety and Health Counseling to Sixth Grade Student Knowledge in Qardhan Hasanah Boarding School


  • Qomariyatus Sholihah Lambung Mangkurat University


Counseling, Occupational Safety and Health, Elementary School, Science


his study aims to determine the effect of school occupational safety and health counseling to sixth grade student knowledge in Qardhan Hasanah boarding school. This study is experiment with Quasi Experimental design The Non Equivalent Control Group. This design uses two groups, where the first and the second group were given a pretest and posttest, but only one group is given the treatment (counseling). Research instrument was a questionnaire safety and health knowledge with the 10 item valid and reliable questions, with 10 votes for the correct answer and 0 for a wrong answer. The study sample 25 for the control group and 25 samples for the experimental group. Quantitative data analysis using analysis of two line variance techniques use SPSS. The study states that there is effect of counseling on occupational safety and health school to student knowledge.




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