Universal Optimization Algorithm for Gas-condensate Gathering


  • Andrey V. Grigoryev Tyumen State University
  • Vladimir E. Vershinin


Dynamic programming, gas-condensate, optimization task


In this article we consider a solution of the condensate gathering optimization task when developing the gas-condensate field. As a feature of production control mathematical models appear nonlinear systems of equations that are irresolvable in an explicit form. This complicates the solutions of the optimization tasks significantly. In this article the optimization task was considered in the algebraic equations system being solved with an iterative method. The dynamic programming method was proposed to find out of optimal discrete choke diameters set, that provides the maximal condensate gathering with a restriction on gas production. In this work we evaluate the time advantage for discrete optimization task solution with the proposed method in comparison with the brute force method.

Author Biography

Andrey V. Grigoryev, Tyumen State University

Was born in 1989. Work in Tyumen State University at Information system department sicne 2011. In 2013 became a PhD with thesis "Mathematical methods and algorithms of knowledge bases consistency checking".


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