Applying Data Mining Technology on National Health Insurance Research Database in Taiwan: HIV/AIDS as an Example


  • Yi-Horng Lai Oriental Institute of Technology


HIV/AIDS Patients, data mining, CHAID decision tree, Two-stage clustering analysis


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) had great impact on global medicine and public Health since it was found in 1980. Studies related to utilization of medical resource on HIV/AIDS were popular in the other countries; however, such studies are rare in Taiwan. The purpose of this study is to identify characteristics of patients with HIV/AIDS and patient’s medical information in the National Health Insurance Research database (NHIRD) by using data mining technique in CHAID decision tree and Two-stage clustering analysis. The result can be used to assist health care workers to identify the patient groups which have high-risk to suffering from HIV/AIDS and develop the prevent strategies. The result separated patients to three groups. With the result of this study, practitioners pay more attention to the patient’s past history and long-term treatment of the disease, particularly in high-relevance department.

Author Biography

Yi-Horng Lai, Oriental Institute of Technology


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