The Supervisory Styles of Supervisors as Perceived by Counselling Interns in Malaysia


  • Nur Hafizah Mohd Ali
  • Siti Aishah Hassan Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Othman Jailani


Supervisors, supervisory styles, counselling interns


Supervisors play different roles and styles during supervision process. However, the styles of supervisors in Malaysia has not been explored and investigated thoroughly. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify the prevalent supervisory styles among supervisors in Malaysian public universities as perceived by counselling interns. Descriptive research design was used in this study. Sample size of 138 respondents from four public universities in Malaysia were chosen through stratified random sampling technique. The inventory used to measure the styles was The Adapted Supervisory Styles Inventory by [1]. The inventory measures four type of supervisory styles namely; Directive Teacher Style, Supportive Teacher Style, Counsellor Style and Consultant Style. The findings showed that most of the respondent perceived their supervisors using Supportive Teacher Style followed by Directive Style during supervision process. Practical and theoretical implications are then discuses.

Author Biography

Siti Aishah Hassan, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Department of Counselor Education & Psychology Counseling


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