MOSKA: Software for Analysis of Motor Control


  • Marcelo Da Silva Hounsell Santa Catarina State University
  • Tânia Brusque Crocetta Santa Catarina State University
  • Débora Cristine Xavier Santa Catarina State University
  • Eloisa Volpato Heidemann Santa Catarina State University
  • Alexandro Andrade Santa Catarina State University


Motor Rehabilitation, Fine Motor Control, Interface


This paper presents a software application called MOSKA (MOtor SKill Analyser), which aims to help diagnosis and monitoring of patients with problems of fine motor control. The software uses various advanced interface methods and has various measurements as test results. The measures taken were defined and validated in a previous software proposal. These measures and all of the test section information are recorded into a database that allows the analysis of the patient evolution. Major features, software project structures and development steps of MOSKA will be detailed.


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