Investigation of Some Physical Parameters of Laser Induced Copper plasma


  • Ali A. K. Hussain
  • Kadhim R. Aadim
  • Mohammed R. Abdulameer University of Baghdad, College of Science, Department of physics


Laser induced plasma, electron temperature, electron density, Langmuir probe, Anisimov model.


Electron temperature and density of laser induced copper plasma are investigated experimentally and theoretically. Pure Cu target was irradiated and ablated under vacuum of 0.04 mbar by pulsed Nd:YAG laser 10ns pulse duration and 6Hz pulse repetition rate in stainless steel chamber. Three self-fabricated Langmuir probes were used as an electric diagnostic tool . I-V characteristic curve of Langmuir probe was plotted by applying variable voltages to the probe and recording corresponding values of current. The effects of the axial distance between cooper target surface and Langmuir probe tip and pressure on the electron temperature and density were studied not only experimentally by using Langmuir probe and its calculations but also theoretically by applying Anisimov model.



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