Use of Antiviral Virucides in the Prevention of Some Viral Diseases Causing on Tobacco Plants in Vietnam


  • Chin Nguyen Van Vietnam Tobacco Institute, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Nguyen Van Van Vietnam Tobacco Institute, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Tào Ngọc Tuấn Vietnam Tobacco Institute, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Dương Xuân Diêu Ministry of Industry and Trade, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phạm Hà Thành Vietnam Tobacco Corporation, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Phung Thi Hay Branch of Tobacco Institute in Bac Giang provice, Vietnam
  • Nguyen Van Cuong Branch of Tobacco Institute in Bac Giang provice, Vietnam



Disease, tobacco, viral disease, antiviral agent, virucides


In recent years, some viral diseases have been increasing in the tobacco-growing regions of Vietnam and cause serious damage to the tobacco yield and quality. If it has not an effective control, viral diseases will injure seriously in the tobacco field in next time. To control the effect of viral diseases, study use of some antiviral virucides is necessary on tobacco plants. In 2021, Vietnam Tobacco Institute experimented with the effective control of Ditacin 8SL, Sat 4SL, and Exin 4.5SC for TMV, CMV, PVY, and TNRV on the tobacco field in Bac Giang province. Results of the study show the antiviral agents are effective in the control of the virus disease on tobacco. When only spray Ditacin 8SL, effective prevention for viral diseases ranges from 22.4 - 30.3%; Sat 4SL: 5.5 - 30.2%, and Exin 4.5SC: 8.2 - 24.1%. Spraying a mixture of antiviral agents and insecticides gives higher efficiency than spraying a kind. For example, spray Ditacin 8SL + Confodor 100SL, effective control reaches from 34.3 to 100%; Sat 4SL + Confidor 100SL: 32.6 - 92.3, and 38.5 - 100% with Exin 4.5SC + Confidor 100SL. The spray treatments have a higher yield and quality than the control without spraying.


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Nguyen Van, C., Van, N. V., Tuấn, T. N. ., Diêu, D. X. ., Thành, P. H. ., Hay, P. T. ., & Cuong, N. V. . (2021). Use of Antiviral Virucides in the Prevention of Some Viral Diseases Causing on Tobacco Plants in Vietnam. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences, 10(5).