Effect of Tillage Practices on Root Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) Associated with Maize (Zea Mays)


  • J. Adomako CSIR-Crops Research Institute, P.O.BOX 3785, Kumasi, Ghana
  • F. Kankam


Tillage practices, root knot nematodes, infection, maize


An investigation was carried out at Nyankapala in the Northern Region which lies within the interior Guinea Savanna Zone of Ghana to assess the effect of disc ploughing, manual ridging and zero tillage systems on root knot nematodes and yield of maize. The trial was conducted in the 2012 major season. The Randomized Complete Block design with four replications was employed in the study. The tillage practices included ridging, disc ploughed and zero tillage. Results from the study indicated that disc ploughed plots were able to reduce root knot nematodes population under maize by 96% compared to zero tillage.  Similarly, root galls observed were significantly (p<0.05) lower when the field was ploughed compared to zero tillage. However, maize planted under a zero tillage system recorded a higher grain yield compared to manual ridging and disc ploughing. Whilst the yield under zero tillage system was 48% higher than manual ridging, it was only 35% higher than disc ploughing.


Author Biography

J. Adomako, CSIR-Crops Research Institute, P.O.BOX 3785, Kumasi, Ghana

Plant Health Division,

Research Scientist


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