Sweetpotato Utilization Level among Households in Oyo State, Nigeria


  • Micah Etukudo Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension University of Uyo
  • Favour Eforuoku


Sweetpotato, utilization, household, Oyo, Nigeria


The study was designed to determine the level of sweetpotato utilization among households in Oyo state, Nigeria. Structured interview schedule was utilized in obtaining information from eighty sweetpotato consumers in the study area. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics. The study revealed that majority (77.0%, 90.0%, 70.0%, 75.0% and 70.0%) of the respondents are not aware that sweetpotato could be used in making starch, sparri (garri made from sweetpotato), cake, bread and puff-puff respectively. Similar proportion is also reported not to have made use of these sweetpotato products despite its nutritional value while most (96.3%) of the respondents are aware of sweetpotato chips and about 81.3% are currently consuming it. The study revealed that majority (61.3%) of the respondents had low level of sweetpotato utilization. It was concluded that more education, sensitization and information dissemination be done to increase the awareness level on utilization and processing of sweetpotato into other products such as  flour, starch, sparri, cake, bread and puff-puff  for the full derivation of its invaluable benefits.


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