The Effect of Integrated Application of Farmyard Manure and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate on Growth and Yield Attributes of African Nightshade (Solanum Scabrum Mill.)


  • O. K. Ng'etich Embu University College, A Constituent College of the University of Nairobi
  • J. N. Aguyoh
  • J. O. Ogweno


African nightshade, edible yield, Farm yard manure and biomass


The effect of integrated application of Farmyard Manure (FYM) and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN-26% N) on growth and yield of Solanum scabrum Mill. was assessed in a field experiment carried out at Horticulture Research and Teaching Field, Egerton University, Kenya from April to July 2009 and August to November 2009. The experiment was split-plot arranged in a randomized complete block design, replicated three times. The main plot treatments were farmyard manure at the rates of 0, 7.5, 11.5 and 15 t ha-1 and the sub-plot treatments were CAN at the rates of 0, 100, 150 and 200 kg N ha-1. The data collected were pooled before being subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA). Plants that received the highest combination of 15 tha-1 FYM and 200 kg N ha-1 of CAN fertilizer were taller by 64% compared to the control. Optimum yield of 16.9 t ha-1 was obtained from plants that received a combination of 7.5 t ha-1 of farmyard manure and 150 kg N ha-1 of CAN.


Author Biography

O. K. Ng'etich, Embu University College, A Constituent College of the University of Nairobi

Department of Agricultural Resource management,

Tutorial Fellow


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